Are you looking for a 'Partner' or 'Supplier'?

In the highly complex world of industrial screen printing it is the companies who take a more strategic look at their supplier relationships, and adopt a partnership approach, who are the ones who gain the most from the wealth of knowledge within Marabu UK.

Those who prefer to use us simply as suppliers are definitely missing out, and we believe that is the case across different elements of the process, where experience is key to cost-effective and excellent results.

At Marabu UK we are very focussed on not only giving our customers the best start in our supplier relationship, but also maintaining a high level of partnership benefits.

As a manufacturer of printing inks and chemical products we are aware of our responsibility to ensure our customers have the necessary product knowledge regarding consumables used in and around the production area.

We will work with our customers, using our technical expertise and our specialist partners within the production environment. This ensures that the parameters within the process are controlled and result in the highest achievable quality. This starts in the pre-press department, through to print conditions and set-up, ensuring that there is traceability within all processes and therefore repeatability and consistency.

This is our objective, but we appreciate the customer is king. If for example, a purchasing department is responsible for making decisions on product based on price, or because they are influenced by others in the company, such as production management or even operatives who are not interested in evolving, then we can do very little to support the company. However, we welcome the opportunity to discuss with all decision makers and influencers the benefits of what we as a partner can offer to help improve processes. But this can only be achieved where open, honest and transparent dialogue takes place, in the strictest confidence.

How many times have we put the question Why do you do it this way? and got the reply Because we have always done it this way.

So it seems the Don't fix it if it  isn't broken rule still applies in many places, but these are exactly the kind of companies we would like to work with, because we believe we have a lot to offer them.

Changing from one ink system to another is not always easy, but at the end of the day we all want to stay competitive and win new accounts, not only on price but also on quality and on-time delivery. We too are sometimes in a position where we need to change over an existing Marabu account to another ink system in order to remain at the forefront of the development. Here we would always resist the urge to let the customer continue with the old and approved ink system.

Any ink and chemical can be reformulated over its lifespan due to changes in H&S regulations, discontinuations of raw materials or change in general production/printing conditions.

When do we as your supplier turn into your supply partner?

- When your product portfolio requires a new ink or ink technology not yet existing, or when your workload requires a fast adaptation in terms of delivery on time. In this situation (as a subsidiary of the ink manufacturer Marabu GmbH in Germany) we have the benefit of direct access to R&D and manufacturing.

- When a merger between two companies occurs and the operators must be brought up to an even and/or higher level of competence.

- Change of decoration technique, or change of ink technology used in the production.

- Investment in new machine technology, from pre to post printing.

- When you win new customers with other or higher requirements than your existing customer portfolio.

- Management decision to improve quality and productivity to stay competitive.

- When you need to reduce the number of customer claims.

- Ensure that the health and safety aspect of the used inks and chemicals is in line with the company policy and with requirements of the local authorities.

- ...and maybe a few others too

With the support of our competent staff in the UK and in Germany, and the support and knowledge of our suppliers of other consumables, such as Thieme KPX on the machinery and ASTL on the screens, we are able to set up local training adapted to your production.

We don't have all the answers, but together we can find them.

You are welcome to contact Marabu UK at or - and we will see what we can do for you.

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