Congratulations to FIMOR

Congratulations! Our partner and leading screen printing squeegee manufacturer FIMOR celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.
In four decades the family-owned company French company has developed into one of the strongest names in screen printing industry with its serilor® brand and a presence in over 80 countries through a network of over 300 distributors covering all spectrums of screen printing.
Former Chairman of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology (ASPT) Alex Zuckerman, the company founder and Chairman, confirms the position of FIMOR : "The squeegee may not be the focus of our industry, but you can't have screen printing without it. It remains an essential tool that can affect the quality and productivity of every screen printer's job."
Manuel Zuckerman, General Manager and second generation owner, confirms the company's historic enthusiastic position to screen printing: "The beauty of our market is that this essential tool makes us present in virtually all markets covered by screen printing, from textile to industrial printing, from ceramics to electronics, from graphic displays to label printing.
"We are providing solutions to companies printing pens, discs, shirts, high tech electronic displays, solar cells or security devices. We even had a customer asking for a squeegee to print crepes! Our final clients range from the occasional mom and pop garage textile printer to public-listed high-tech companies that operate in white room conditions… yet they are all part of the screen printing community and it has been great to serve this variety of customers and challenges over the years."

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