PinS offers wealth of knowledge

Marabu has joined forces with two other UK companies, involved in different aspects of screen printing, to make their knowledge and experience available to companies using the process in their production.

Partners in Screenprint (PinS) comprises Advanced Screen Technology (ASTL), Marabu UK and Thieme KPX, and has been formed as a result of first hand experience of companies making poor equipment and materials choices that have had a negative effect on their printing efficiency and economy.

Explained Marabu's Karsten Soerensen: "Although screen printing is the perfect choice for many industrial applications it is also a complex process that requires not only good knowledge of the individual elements of the process but also the way these elements need to work with each other.

"We had seen so many companies making decision about the components of their printing line without considering some key factors, that we decided to act - in the interests of individual companies and also the reputation of screen printing as a developing process.

"We want to provide accurate, knowledgeable and realistic help and advice and are already advising companies on the most successful, efficient and cost-effective ways to approach their projects."

PinS has committed to provide initial consultation free of charge A website providing more information about PinS has also been launched at partnersinscreenprint 

Pictured - from left - Andrew Kippax, Bill Kippax, John Teasdale and Karsten Soerensen