Curable screen printing ink for glass

The time has come for the glass industry to profit from UV-LED technology - with all benefits UV has to offer while excluding UV drawbacks like pre-heating or emissions! 

In addition, UV-LEDs provide a much longer life span, and energy expenses will drop down below 50%. A modern and sustainable technology! 

Ultra Glass LEDGL is a UV-LED-curable screen printing ink with excellent properties in terms of initial adhesion, opacity, gloss, and reactivity. 

Benefits of UV-LED Curing... 

UV-LED lamps are immediately ready for use - No pre-heating necessary, for high outputs 

 UV-LED units are very compact -Saves space! 

 Only UV-A radiation, causing no ozone emissions - No ventilation necessary 

 Long lifetime of the UV-LED lamps compared to conventional UV lamps 

 Requires a minimum amount of Energy - Needs less than 50 % of the energy used for conventional UV curing 

 UV-LED units contain no mercury - For a safer and more sustainable work and production process

 UV-LED does not generate heat 

 UV-LED inks allow conventional UV, or LED curing without subsequent heat treatment - Flexible printing process  

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