Marabu UK at InPrint

Marabu UK will be represented at InPrint in Munich (November 14-16) with Technical and Sales Manager Lee Wood in attendance throughout the event.
Lee will be on the Marabu stand, 527, in Hall A6, and will be delighted to meet with any UK visitors who would like to discuss the comprehensive collection of screen, pad and digital inks, and how they can add value to a wide range of industrial processes.
On the Stand Marabu will be focussing on a number of key areas in industrial printing, including:

Smart printing solutions for the automotive industry - with manufacturers using more and more screenprinted elements in the ongoing digitalization of the dashboard.

Combination of screen and digital printing on input devices
For control panels, Marabu recommends the use of a combination of screen and digital printing, exploiting the advantages of both methods.

New special ink series for printing on front panels
Progressing digitalization of our homes means household appliances are networked with each other and can be remotely controlled via our mobile phones. Simple buttons are being replaced with capacitive touch interfaces on washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, and even coffee machines.

Container printing - Solutions for glass and plastic objects
Glass is a versatile and attractive material with unique properties and appearance that make it suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Sensitive ink solutions for sensitive products
Tampa Tex TPX system was developed specifically for textiles, and offers very high adhesion and high opacity in conjunction with a flexible ink. The extremely carefully sourced, high-purity raw materials mean this line not only complies with the strict specifications of clothing manufacturers, such as Adidas A01 and Nike RSL, it also fulfil requirements for baby products, toys and packaging.

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