ASTL demonstrate screen supremacy

Our partners, ASTL have been setting the standard for high quality printing screens over many years. and recently have been playing an integral part in the latest developments in label printing.> Here we showcase two examples of ASTL's work -

Braile print on labels

Using a 32/70Y mesh with an EOM of 200 microns for label printers.
The triangles are for Braille applications which have a printed height of approx. 260 microns. This is now a requirement on certain labelling, so there is an increasing demand from Label Printers for this additional requirement.

Achieving these EOM's on screens is challenging but ASTL has been a market leader in producing these levels for over 15 years, mainly in the Medical Industry. ASTL has the knowledge and capability to produce screens that give excellent screen performance, screen life, and, above all, is experienced in working closely with customers, like ourselves, on product development and improvement.

Tactile printing

Using a 77/48Y mesh with an EOM of 56 microns is for more general Tactile printing, typically for labelling bottles of wine, and spirits. In a marketplace where the need to stand out from the competition is crucial, this area of print is still growing.

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